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Grant Funded Projects

Here is a list of some of our Projects with the help of funding.  Below the projects are some community Involvement activities we play a part in:



Positive Parenting Education Groups

Funded by Southwest District Health: Partnership for Success Grant


Mental Health Prevention/Awareness

Funded by St. Lukes Health System: Community Health Improvement Fund Grant

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Alcohol Prevention in schools & Community Alcohol Awareness Campaign

Funded by Idaho Office of Drug Policy: SABG


Southwest Health District: School Suicide Prevention

In Collaboration with: Southwest District Health

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Mental Health Treatment for victims of domestic violence

In Collaboration with: Project Dove

Community Involvement

At Insight Matters Inc., we are actively involved in community events. Here are some Community Activities:

  • Suicide Prevention Sign Campaigns
         Ontario & Vale, Ore.

  • Hands Around the Park:
         Ontario, Ore.

  • Boys & Girls Club: Trunk or Treat,
         Payette, Id. & Ontario, Ore.

  • Community Clean Up Day:
         Payette & Ontario

  • Apple Blossom Festival:
         Payette, Id.

  • Adopt a Family during the Holidays:
         Treasure Valley Families

  • Recovery Day:
         Caldwell, Id.

  • Just Serve-Hygiene Kit Drive:
         Ontario, Ore. & Payette, Id.

  • Crisis Intervention Team

            Malheur County

  • Career Fairs 

            Malheur County

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