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Organizations and Partnerships

Insight Matters Inc. is closely partnered with Insight Counseling and Therapy.  This close partnership allows us to utilize an abundance of resources to accomplish projects large and small in a productive and efficient manner.

Both Insight Matters and Insight Counseling and Therapy have a large network of Partnerships and Organizations that give us access to additional resources and expanded Reach.  Collaborating with community partners and organizations helps us reach a larger audience and helps foster a collaborative environment where mental health services can share expertise, resources, and best practices to improve outcomes for those they serve.

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Partnering Universities

  • NNU

  • BSU

  • Capella

  • BYU-Idaho

  • University of Denver

  • University of Phoenix

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Idaho State University

  • UMass Global (University of Michigan)

  • TVCC


  • Region 3 Behavioral Health

  • Suicide Prevention Coalition

  • Eastern Oregon Workforse board

  • Malheur Community Service

  • Project D.O.V.E.

  • Alturistic Recovery

  • Oregon Child Development Coalition


  • South West Health District

  • Western Idaho Community Action Program

  • Intermountain Hospital

  • Nampa School District

  • MarsingSchool District

  • Glenns Ferry School District

  • Payette School District

  • Parma School District

  • High Desert CIT

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